When I first started out as a copywriter, I’d send my mom Xeroxes of ads I’d done. She’d stick them on the refrigerator, just like she’d always done with my spelling tests, drawings or whatever. Here are a few samples I consider fridge-worthy. I leaned towards ads since they’re a quick read — and I like ads. Click ’em and they get bigger.

Or download Toby Roan Samples 5-13 and cherish them forever.

ANCO AD_5 cropped

ANCO AD_6 cropped

A pitch for ANCO windshield wipers. We got the business, but this campaign didn’t make it.

GrandfatherMtn_OurState_FOREVER Web

GrandfatherMtn_OurState_PLENTY_WILD Web

Grandfather Mountain is such a beautiful place, it seems a shame to take up ad space with words. Art director Angela Miller and I decided to let the images speak for themselves — and they do, loud and clear.

SEA sheepSoutheast Aerospace sells and repairs avionics. This was part of a campaign built around the idea that they help keep plains in the air. Did this with the amazing Tomas Gardner.


Part of a campaign for K&Y Flooring Solutions, targeted to people whose floors have taken a beating from kids, pets or natural disasters.


Rock Cinema for web

I was as happy as anyone to see racing come back to the Rockingham Speedway. And I was ecstatic to learn it was a designer friend’s cousin that bought it. Top: a poster for the first race. Bottom: cinema advertising for a more recent one.


Feed The Pack is a student-run pantry on the NC State campus. It offers food to students and staff who are having a hard time. This flier is the beginning of what should be a campaign.


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